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A Blog, You? Hasn’t that been done? Why now? What you gonna say? Questions from friends answered….

Two years ago, I stopped using Social Media completely.  I was frustrated and stressed and felt powerless against the hatred which seemed to predominate.

I spent the last 24 months, thinking what I wanted to say, how best to say it and choosing the right platforms to speak MY TRUTH

This site and my “AndrewShaw.Blog” social media channels will be where I re-engage with the world.  I was fundamentally changed by the process, I even wrote a POEM to document my journey

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A Road Less Travelled book out now


"A Road Less Travelled"

20 years on, Andrew has put stories of his ‘Gap Year’ onto paper with hilarious effect. Find out how he coped when his van caught fire and he was left in the middle of Australia with nothing.